Thursday, 8 July 2010

UK Nationals day 1

I've come to the conclusion National Championships should be approached differently to Europeans and Worlds. Largely they are run by a friendly club, new to Moths who give us a really good and enthusiastic welcome. Royal Torquay is such a club and the members are just great. For a number of years now I've decided to find all the little idiosyncrasies you get with this kind of event "charming". So today we had a charming kind of day, where we charmingly launched into a tiny little working harbour and we sat around on the water having charming chat while waiting for the rest of the fleet to join us. Of course it would have helped if they had bothered to put their wetsuits on the right side of the start time, but I've decided to find that charming too.
When we did race it was in a shifty and gusty breeze that quickly spread the 42 boat fleet out. The first race was the less shifty race and I won with Arnaud second, Mike Lennon third and Jason Belben fourth.
The next race could be described as charming but I'd stretch to shite. The wind turned on/off and I sat in a great big hole for a long while. Not for the fist time in my life of course but fairly new in sailing. Anyway Jason Belben won and Arnaud was second and I was third. Should have been shortened or thrown out, but it wasn't, which was charming.


Fred said...

Thanks Simon,
you gave Kerstin and myself a great laugh tonight. I am sure we´ll have a charming session later on...

Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

still as patronising as ever I see


Anonymous said...

Royal Torquay - the same venue as the 1998 Worlds? Great memories of fun times off the water. On the water was "charming", especially the little working harbour. I'll never forget the sight of Phil Hebden riding his pushbike off the harbour wall.......mmmmmm....seems I'm living in the past, must be getting old. Any advice Simon?
Good luck to all from "freezing cold" Sydney.