Monday, 12 July 2010

UK Nationals - Overall

That was a really good series! I was pleased with my pace and I feel back in the groove a bit although I have some work to do on some less than perfect aspects of my game. We had some good sailing and it was great to meet new moth sailors who have started on the learning curve and are every bit as engaged as we were when Rohan Veal turned up with "White Knuckle Express". But you never stop learning and one cool thing I learned from watching Arnaud was that on the Mach 2 you can kneel on the tramps and reach forward to change the wand adjuster bolt between races (if you are careful and hold on tight with the other hand) without getting wet. I also learned (on the way in from the last race I sailed) that if you try the same while foiling it cannot be done and you do get wet as you simply run yourself over. Anyway I would like to publically apologise to the Harbour Master. He told me not to do more than 5 knots and in 16 knots of breeze and with the harbour directly to leeward I just couldnt even when he told me 5 times. Accordingly I may have called him a "Knob Head", oddly a term which I have hardly ever used.
Thanks to Arnaud and Mikis for coming over and for the great racing I had with them but also Mike, Jason, Mike C, Ricky, Richard etc. Its certainly getting close at the top these days.
Full results here


phillippe oligario said...

Well done and Congratulations Simon,

I think your blogger profile now needs extensive updating (ie. a few more titles to add to the list!)

See you at the Euros


marcel herrera said...


Graham Simmonds said...

Sorry Simon - I think I taught you "knobhead" (along with loads of others) at Hayling over the years. By the way I think possibly Anonymous Dave is a bit of a knobhead as well. There I go again!

john.h said...

"Dave" does not = Dave Lister just for clarification

Patrice A. said...

Ok Simon!
And good luck at the Euros,

Patrice (aka Dutchgirl)