Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Little Rudder

I tried the small rudder last night at Hayling Island. This one is the very first one out of the mould and I immediately liked it! It felt very slippery and in the gorgeous little ten knot breeze we had in a sparkly Chichester harbour the boat felt great! Specifically with high ride height the leeward tip did not come out, as it tends to with the standard rudder and three foiling tacks in a row seemed to indicate that there is no lift penalty.

You can see the difference in size in the picture but you can't see that the section is proportionally thinner too.

The little rudder is available now as an aftermarket option.


Bora Gulari said...

Very nice, I want one.

ls8pilot said...

Is the rock included?

Joe Bousquet said...

How long is the span from tip to tip?

Simon Payne said...

Hey Joe
The Little Rudder is 707mm span. The standard is 822mm so 115mm shorter.
I have noticed its easier to fit under the cover too.

Markus Steeg said...

I'v seen Amac with a "similar" rudder in Silvaplana. He modified the gantry in oder to get more AoA. Could you sail the "little rudder" without changing gantry geometry?

Simon Payne said...

Hi Markus
From standard I had my gantry wound out at the top two full turns. I used it like this with the standard rudder and did not make any further changes with the small rudder.