Monday, 20 September 2010

Pedro Pan

Alan Hillman's Spanish October Mothfest boot camp is tempting me to warmer climbs. I'd like the chance to spend a few days more of a never ending childhood in a place where I can magically escape the reality of the British Autumn, temporarily refuse to grow up and fly all day with the other lost boys. I just have to work out if it clashes with my coaching commitments in Italy and other obligations

In the meantime sidelined with a broken boat I've been back in the gym and doing other things. I've put on a couple of kilo's, my shoulder has fixed its self and I'm beginning to feel strong again. I've been trying to expand my brain sans racing with lots of reading but honestly the only articles I can remember that were interesting from the books and the papers were the piece on "advanced air guitar" and "how to survive a flood"

Mike Lennon kicked my ass hard the other weekend and I was watching him on Saturday as Tris and I sat at anchor at East head trying to catch our supper. He's looking good and certainly if it's around 12 knots at the worlds he will be a force to contend with. He has put the time in and deserves the results now.

At HISC the Lasers have apparently gone. I think the club did brilliantly in handling the event and we now have a couple more new Mach 2 sailors joining! I'm waiting for my new super small Mach 2 Rudder hydrofoil to arrive which will replace the damaged one. It should be here this week, so let me know if anyone wants to see it. Initial feedback is that its faster with no obvious lift penalties.

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