Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Solitude of Ravens

Images courtesy of Loris Von Siebenthal

I like this time of year. The sparkly light in Chichester harbour is beautiful and a nice little wind sprang up which blew me to my boat yesterday afternoon.

There is a Raven which hangs around the dinghy park and he was sitting on the boat when I came back from the changing rooms. I think its a Raven, it could be a Crow I guess.. Anyway as it spread it's wings the thought struck me that if I could just capture it then and there, and dip it in epoxy, I would have a very cool main foil!

Sailing was great. I aimed for that thin line where the sea meets the sky and raced out into the bay with the tide. I'd changed the gantry in order to get the bow down more and was experimenting with that when bang! I hit a plank doing 15 knots upwind and broke the rudder twist mechanism. Still it was too nice to stop and I didnt need it anyway. I was just good to be out, and after 3 events in short succession I realised that whilst too much racing can really take it out of you, my little Moth can provide the cure too.

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