Monday, 10 January 2011

Days of Thunder

Thierry Martinez photo.

Tough day on the race course yesterday as 65 kilo's battled against a bullety 20 odd knot breeze. I got decent starts but the big guys stormed away up wind and didn't go any slower down. Today is the first day of the Finals racing and it's looking windy again. Yesterday I used an MSL10b on a soft mast and it went well. I was able to lose a lot of power as efficiently as I could but you can't in the end beat the laws of physics, my constant challenge every since I started moth sailing.
There were some very tired people yesterday evening but the racing is fun and well run. Nathan is looking indestructable and must be the next world champion unless anything goes badly wrong.


phillippe oligario said...

I've said it before, I'm prepared to offer free training to you in the "gaining weight" area. Alot of people think it's easy to be 82 kilos but it takes skill and dedication!

It sounds like a pretty scary event even more so than Silvaplana!

Still it's not over till it's over.. Keep the mojo!



Patrice A. said...

It looks pretty rough.
But it must be great to be part of it.

Enjoy your lay-day!
And the sun.
Down here it's cold and grey.