Saturday, 8 January 2011

More weed than Marley

Me and Bora yesterday.From the magical lens of Thierry Martinez

One of the very few days I wished I'd capsized more. The accepted amount was 4-5 times per race - to clear the weed.
Still it was the same for everyone and Joe and Nathan head the leader board with some very consistent sailing.

Get off weed!

The split fleet system worked very well for all except for Brad who got mixed up. Yellow and Blue not being common colours on Mars apparently.
For me it was a tough day, I'm lying 12th overall and shared the frustrations of many of the sailors who hit weed and didnt get it off quick enough. I had my moments, but my lack of sailing prep is showing a bit and I'm struggling to get in sync with the shifts. It's a bit like a very warm Grafham water here although the boats and bikini's at the start area tend to differentiate it from any UK venue.
It was another long day on the water yesterday and many sailors will be aching a bit.
Today the wind is more round to the north east and already up to about 15 knots. It could be a windy one!

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Victoria said...

Broken your wand?
Harry Potter broke his too, but he replaced it with the "unbeatable wand" also known as "the Death stick" or "the wand of Destiny"