Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My boat is for sale

Photo: the gifted and ever young Thierry Martinez

Wow what a tough event! My Ibuprofen intake is possibly now at dangerous levels.

Congratulations to Nathan, a popular and worthy world champion.

Hey my Mach 2 is now for sale and back in the UK mid next week. If anyone is interested let me know at


niki said...

Hi Simon, why do you sell your boat? If you want to have a faster one like an Assassin feel free to contact me! Ore do they not last very long? tell us the reasons! Thanks Niki

Simon Payne said...

Hi Niki
I always change my boats after a year, although this one is a bit special after such a good year in 2010.
Thanks for the offer but I'm not that good a sailor.

Patrice A. said...

For a moment I thought you would stop sailing....
Glad you do not.

Take care!

Foiler Town USA said...

Does it come with a free car?