Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Here we go again...

It was the Ronstan Slalom today, but not really. Unfortunately. It was windy as hell, and whilst we sat around in the club house drinking tea and worrying if the Hayling Bar might bring little Johnny's stutter back should he decide to do the Worlds in 2014, one guy went one nil up in the series. Pete Barton sailed to the event from Lymington! Some 16 miles away, downwind in boat flattening gusts and it took him an hour and a half to do the journey, the half was trying to get to the beach once he arrived!

When he got ashore he took his helmet off and said "What an adventure"!

For this I honestly think Pete should be on zero points and we should have all scored DNS. In my mind he leads the series.

Tomorrow is windy again and hopeful we will sail, but it may be touch and go. But if we don't? Just entering is a highlight! Simon Reynolds, surely the most effect ever IMCA committee member has organised a host of prizes, if he isn't careful he will be President soon!

Oh, we've agreed with the club that there will be a two Abarth sports cars on display tomorrow, something to look at if we are grounded due to the weather again.

Hopefully some race results here from thursday.



Cookie said...

Surely if there's two we wont be looking at them? Who has the keys?

Jethrow said...

How about a slalom match race with the Abarth's if it's too windy :)

Anonymous said...

The keys will be in the fruit bowl as per the norm for Simon