Monday, 11 July 2011

Que Sera Sera

Firstly I must congratulate Jason Belben and Chris Rashley for a brilliant effort at the Nationals. They proved that you get out what you put in and thoroughly deserved their one and two positions. Even better was to see the UK fleet in such rude health. The UK committee worked hard and delivered an excellent event, which given the weather, was not easy.

I will now probably will not do the European Championships which are coming up in about 12 days, I would like my hand to heal which the doctor says will take six weeks and I will use the time in the UK to properly prepare for the Worlds next year. I'm sure the Europeans will be fun and a nice event even though the entries are light, but having done every big event since 2004 I don't think I can be criticised for missing one.

I had planned to go and defend it, but sometimes the future is not ours to see. I hope everyone has a great time in Travamunde.



Fred said...

Thanks for your support and good healing. We have some casualties as well. "Old men" should not go racing on Segways, ( I tell you, though it is a lot of fun with these things.

anja said...

these are sad news
but I knew you wouldn't come

hope you're having a fast recovery with your hand and

Happy Birthday!

have a nice day with your boys