Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mach2.1 Wand Mechanism

Gandhi once said "God has given me no control over the moment following.." A statement many Moth sailors would agree with, particularly those who experienced the windward mark on day 3 of the recent UK National Championships!

And so we'd like to introduce the new Mach2.1 wand mechanism, which we hope will give you more control over the moment following...

Made from 316 stainless steel the stronger baseplate prevents any twist and the steal wand axle bearings, which are drilled for lightness, fit precisely with the new wand axle. The axle to wand holder connection is longer which means there is less wand slap and overall the stronger material eliminates wear that can occur with plastic or aluminium parts.

The wider and deeper adjuster nut is angled upward where it connects to the control rod so that even less gearing can be achieved and the adjuster screw is easier to grip, which is important for "on the water" changes. Also the adjuster screw now has a more precise fit where it locates in the wand axle eliminating any play.

This new Mach2 wand mechanism comes as part of the Mach2.1 upgrades but can be purchased separately and retrofitted to existing Mach2'. It costs $316.00 usd ex shipping. Email sales@mach2boats if you would like one.

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Foiler Town USA said...

That looks.....nice! But would it have saved me at top mark on Fridays Moth Madness at the Gorge. The words "massive wipe out" come to mind!