Monday, 13 February 2012

Inland Revenue

The last time I sailed... photo Brian C-B

Throughout this winter the Campione Speed Trophy is keeping me going. I won it in 2005 racing Rohan Veal and Adam May. It's in my toilet and in this cold weather I see it a lot. It has the 11 winds of Garda on it and I now know them off by heart. Campioni is a tricky place to sail, six to eight tacks to the windward mark mean you need to keep your head up, I think it calls for a simple boat with minimum fiddling and not one of the multi adjustable Moths you see, which in any case seem to go no faster and remind me of nautical versions of an Ascot hat. Anyway our apartments are booked in Tremosine, which is so high up on the cliff top that even if you p**s on me on the water, I'll be able to do the same to you on land ;-).

Perhaps I shall sail this weekend. Lots of time in the gym means I now have thighs like Zorba the Greek, pre austerity measures. Last time I sailed the boat seemed fast but its been in the fridge ever since. Last time I made lasagne it was great, but after a month in the fridge it was uneatable and I'm full expecting the same theory to apply.

I'm loathe to take my fixed wheel road bike out after last years injury which saw me catapulted into my ex wife's newly planted Lavender bush after a visit to see the boys. An event that caused much amusement which I've decided to put down to the the essential oil/anti inflammatory properties of the crushed plant.

I guess I'll try to go to Queen Mary Sailing club early next month for the first event of the season, it could be good practice for Campioni, being Inland, although I'm unsure if they name the winds in the same way.

Below is the latest picture of the KA MSL16 (foreground) next to a KA MSL13.2.

MSL16 on left, MSL13 on right. Blackrock last weekend

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Cookie said...

I think the winds at Queen Mary are named after the aircraft that drive them...