Monday, 5 March 2012

The London Dinghy Show: Back to the future

It was the London Dinghy Show over the weekend and a chance to connect with potential Moth sailors, existing Moth sailors who cant quite make or don't feel confident enough to attend the calendar events and of course the press. The Moth Class Constitution reminds us all that one of the three objectives of the class is to promote sailing and racing of the International Moth and I can think of no better place to do this than at the dinghy show. Especially on a wet weekend in March. Performance isnt everything and there are of course many other boats there, from the much maligned Heron, which has almost glacial like acceleration and can only described as fast if you've just jumped into it after stepping out of a rickshaw (but is supported by the most enthusiastic committee to the extent that this cute little boat punches well above its weight) to the A class Cat. The A class stand had a beautiful Italian made boat on it and was manned by a very proud and enthusiastic bunch, all of whom looked older than God. So once again by looking back in time we are reminded of how to go forward as a class. The first Moth was created in the same year that Ford launched the Model A, which replaced the Model T Ford, which apparently you could only have in black, and so it was with a sense of pride that a Mat Black Ninja and a Glossy Black Mach2 caused much interest. Interest and aspiration not only for association members but for the many kids running around clutching bags of freebies, who are currently involved in youth classes and one day will, I'm sure, come and sail a Moth.

Thanks to Mike Cooke and James Phare for organising it and Jason and Neil for coming along to man the stand and others for popping by.

Its the first proper event of the season next weekend at Queen Mary, If you have a Moth come and sail, its the best way to learn, if you don't and live near by, come and watch. The sailors are only to happy to talk about their boats, some for hours. We are just another class which, just like the Heron, the sailors are intensely proud of. We may badge ourselves as the formula one of dinghy racing but volunteers and enthusiasts still run the class, and just like the Dinghy Exhibition, you wont find Bernie Ecclestone at Queen Mary either,

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Graham Simmonds said...

Thanks to all of you for organising and manning the stand this year. From my experience of organising it last year, I know that it represents a lot of very hard work to be there and I appreciate how much effort you had to put in.

Particularly thanks goto Mach2 and Ninja for supporting the stand financially. It would not have happened without your help!