Sunday, 27 January 2008

Endless Summer

In the past I may have indicated that the Aussies were not great inventors. No ground breaking cars, no innovation in the IT arena, even the BBQ was actually invented in Canada. I'd like to apologise for this slur, I wrote it long ago and before I came here. I've discovered another innovation which quickly elevates this land down-under onto the world stage...OK here goes..Y'know that plastic apron used by guys for cooking outside?? .. with an image of a womans naked bosom on it? Yep invented here folks.

But staggering though this is, it would be churlish to summarise Aussie invention by showcasing an apron. It would be like recognising Einstein for the creation of the Cat Flap. Sure he invented it ... but theres was more, much more.

Its the same here, add a little water and the Aussies get a wiggle on. I was thinking this today as I hurtled around the Swan River in one of their creations. Not long after I managed to fire a couple of gallons of water up my nose. Hmmm I wonder who invented the air bag..

But moments earlier I invented a new species.

Its called the Indian Ocean Foiling Jellyfish and Darwin would have been proud! What happened was that I capsized the boat to phaff with the wand and when I pulled it up there, in a keen to please, front of the stage kind of way was a Jelly Fish. I was looking at him and that's what made stack it. Specifically I was thinking of the great Australian book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Robert Bach and I was speculating whether I in fact found a jelly fish with the same kind of spunk as Jono Gull? But I wasn't paying attention and we went too high. Even the Jelly Fish was shouting "for Gods sake man pull the wand elastic!". but it was too late and the Jelly fish and I shot through the air in our own unlikely air show. I faired better than the Jelly Fish, which hit the mast. He will always be my inspiration.

We had an awesome sail today, Perth City slowly staggered into life after a fantastic Australia Day Sky Works celebration and John and I were late to meet the team. Well we dont have "England Day" do we? Unless I have missed it.... Last night we had the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd telling us all how great we are, and he meant me to! Never had that back home. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently challenged the UK to come up with a five word summary of what makes the place great. You know which phrase won? "Considering everything, we mustn't grumble"...

I tacked, gybed, swapped sails, got burned and had a thoroughly good time. I feel
I'm starting to settle in the boat. I may send it straight to Dubai for the event there in March, $3000 USD prize money...We'll see.



Anonymous said...

Interesting picture today. Is it just the camera angle or is the rudder gantry twisting under load from the rudder foil, as there appears to be a considerable difference in the angles between the dagger and the rudder.


Cookie said...

Loving the secret squirrel photoshoppery going on with your cockpit - very AC...

Great read!

Ex wife said...

I'm concerned that you have been out down under too long and fogotton your national identity.
England Day is ST.George's day which as you know we are not allowed to be seen supporting in as it is politically incorect, pro natzi thing to do apparently. Unless of course you follow football like a religion. Then you can fly the flag of ST. George from your car aireal without fear.
Was ST.George English anyway?