Thursday, 31 January 2008

A loan again...

Yesterday the sea breeze battled the easterly land breeze, really shifty conditions which reminded me of the World Championships in Denmark. Anyway I launched into 6-10 knots from little Jervoise Bay Sailing Club and sailed to Carnac Island. I didnt go round it because I read on the web there are a few reefs sticking out, but I did get pretty near the beach which looked nice. On the way home I sailed with a school of Dolphins, they didnt like it when I was on the foils so I went into low riding mode and then they swam nearer to the boat. I nearly bought a water proof camera on the way out here..and regret it now.

The boat seemed to perform well in the light winds that we may well get at Weymouth, but its hard to compare.. The winds here dont seem to have the "oomph" of a comparible breeze in the UK, maybe because its so hot and dry.

I was the only person on the beach yesterday afternoon as I waited for the breeze to settle down. Carl, the club caretaker came up for a chat and we had a bottle of his home brew each. Christ it was strong but it was good to hear about this little club, with only 100 members in one of the most beautiful places I've ever sailed.

That was the last sail, this pm I leave for the UK. I'm sure I'll be back here. Maybe for good eh?

And finally...

Thanks to John and Burgl for putting me up, I had a wonderful time and I really appreciate your hospitality.
Thanks to Carl, Rob and all the members at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club for letting me sail at their wonderful club.
Thanks to Phil and Matt, She's looking good boys.
And to Fastacraft, for building me a great boat.



Susie said...

Hi Simon,

Love the blog and the daily updates. I've included it in my daily read. Nice work.

Train hard!

TTFN's sister

Anonymous said...

............from the soft warm breeze of the Indian Ocean to snow, rain and 60knot gusts of wind that can overturn container trucks and send Moths into orbit.

Welcome home Si.