Thursday, 17 January 2008

Size Zero

Okay here we go. This kicks off a new Moth campaign and in a few hours I go to Perth Australia to practice in the new boat. Well look outside! The weather is terrible, Britain is underwater, its raining so hard that if you looked up with your mouth open you'd drown, everything has been painted primer grey.. so it seems sensible right?

"Size Zero" is the new one, built by the king himself, John Ilett of Fastacraft fame. I will be able to post some pics over the next few days but an immediate thanks to Advanced Composites Group for their sponsorship and help in air freighting the carbon to Perth.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this, a blow by blow account of one guys attempt to win back the Worlds.


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Scott said...

Morning Simon. You've finally made it onto the interweb, welcome to 2005!