Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Off form guides

Well it's good to see all the form guides in, interesting reading in a way but they all skate around the issue of how good the sailor is. Specifically they say things like "He's been sailing every day, has got the latest BR/Prowler etc etc so he'll be in the top ten. What each one has failed to do is comment on is the sailor himself.

I guess though this is respectful because we all know that questioning someones sailing ability is on par with suggesting they are not up to much in bed.

But a more complete assessment would be "He's been sailing every day, has got the latest BR/Prowler etc etc but he's an intellectual pigmy, wouldnt know a windshift if it smacked him in the teeth..

Anyway maybe next year, but a worlds preview/form guide is about to be published in the excellent Dinghy Sailing Magazine. I advise you to get it, keep it for you grandchildren. No other class gets this type of media coverage.

I spent yesterday out in the harbour. I must have done 100 tacks, I learned that footwear is important. Next event is the UK nationals, now that will be a good form guide.


Bora Gulari said...

Now we are talking about tack counts??

I was trying to push mainsheets as a good on the water indicator. I really dont understand the purpose of the form guides.

which mag?

oh well blowing stink and cold again today see if i can figure out a windshift :)

Simon Payne said...

Dinghy Sailing Magazine, maybe its only available here. Should be out when you get here though, one to take home, you're mentioned!