Monday, 5 May 2008

Summer is here

I was struggling a bit on Saturday, the boat didnt feel right, I was having trouble controlling the height with a couple of big pop outs. Anyway first time this year I've been truly "washing machined".

Thierry Martinez was doing a photo shoot and it was fun but I didnt feel really in control. The flying gybes were easy but the flying tacks, wind against tide and in a nervous boat, didnt really happen.

Later when I came ashore after 7 hours on the water that day I found I'd broken the plastic spade where the bell crank attaches to the main foil control rod. The screw had bent out, I could get flap down but no flap up.

Sunday I was back in the bay, just testing stuff. Mike Lennon had been going fast upwind the day before but whether I was any faster as a result of the repair I dont know, but I didn't have to sit on the front wing bar to keep the boat in the water.

Monday was a Bank holiday and with it came a morning pursuit race. Starting ten minutes after the 49ers we only raced for an hour. Didnt make an impact though but after years sailing on my own it was great to see 7 foilers out at Hayling Island SC and after a bad first beat I was off, I'm quick in those conditions.

We had the RS classes at HISC this weekend. 215 boats, busy but fun!

I invented another new species today, the Foing Crab. Me and the little guy zoomed round the course. He was on the tramp.


Anonymous said...

Simon, love your posts! There's been many a day where I needed the chuckle you provide.

michael airey said...

crabs - nasty

Bora Gulari said...

Sucks that your kit was not working well when thierry was there