Monday, 12 May 2008

Signals to stop

The sand was so hot it burned my feet. And as the long fingers of a building sea breeze changed the colour of the sea, this was going to be the best sail ever.
If you blurred your eyes you were abroad, but this was Hayling Island in the spring time. My youngest son and I pointed our 40 year old Mirror Dinghy to East Head and sailed there with a bottle of water and a cookie each for lunch, and we got out in another land. We sang at the top of our voices "Dont stop me now" by Queen and he helmed all the way back while I said helpful things like "pull the tiller away from you" and other nonsense. Anyway it was perfect.

Hurry up and come July, this is my sailing future.

But last night it was back in the gym, this is a solitary life and the gym was all but empty. But as the rowing machine whirred I knew I was on for a good time, and for what its worth went top of the charts at 1000 and 2000 meters. But it was a weekend of perspective and as I gulped from the water fountain and so just managed to stay the right side of conciousness, a little girl smiled and laughed.

And today was great too, wondering around Notting Hill, a long lunch at a nice little restaurant on Portobello Rd and then just walked mainly. London in the sun is nice too. I needed these three days.

But for now there's a job to do. It's Weston Open this weekend, maybe some of the big guns will be there.

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