Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sticky rubber

Time to service the boat, she's done over 500 miles since february and everything is beginning to feel a little loose. The rudder mechanism, ignored by me since new has, due to all the sand we get here, some... err play. Specifically when I'm sailing, it goes "bang" more times than the toilet door when the plague is in town.

But the worst thing was, in front of the editor of Dinghy Sailing Magazine, I couldnt get the rig up on my own. I've spent all of 2008 in the gym and just when its important, I'm as weak as shit. Yes ma'am they are singlehanders. Granted it was 20 knots and the boat was blowing down the beach but I ask you...

Today I bought some new sailing boots and they were awful. So slippy in fact that if Tonya Harding had worn them she may have landed that triple axel, and therefore would not have felt the need to smack Nancy Kerrigan with an iron bar. I think the manufacturer has impregnated the rubber with Mclube. I may complain.

Fatface were doing a photo shoot. Of course I gatecrashed it, but Will who is Marketing Manager, jumped in with an underwater camara. I tried to get as close as I dare without slicing him with the main foil. Cant wait to see the pics.

Anyway we got all the KA MSL13's in today so there are some happy UK sailors. Dont forget your sail numbers for Weston guys!

On the way home I decided I wanted to see Arundle Castle, Thierry and I were talking about it, and so with new rubber on my bike (hopefully sticker than my boots!) and some twisty roads on the way, I'm going to go there for a pre breakfast ride tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I had an identical experience with a pair of new boots recently. Was going to attack them with sandpaper the noticed one of the straps had fallen off (after 1 sail) so they're languishing in the corner while my good old boots are back in action. I should send them back but life's too short to be packaging things up and going to the post office. Be interested if you can drop a subtle hint into a future blog as to whose boots they are...