Friday, 27 August 2010

August Rain

All images courtesy of Loris Von Siebenthal

Joseph Conrad said something like that despite all the poems, prose and love heaped upon it the sea has never been friendy to man. Something like that anyway. That's my feeling now, I seem to have bought the depths of the lake and the height of the peaks back from Switzerland with me. I didn't feel great at that event, largely my mind was elsewhere, often I had to drag it back to the Alps as the five minute gun went.

So what a week, and the weather here isn't helping, it's raining so hard that I may sell the Mach 2 and start building an ark but my boat is sitting in the garage and I've some work planned. It's probably the most stock boat out there and inspired by Bora's chat it's going to get pimped. Foil finish first, I've never touched them, they are straight from the mould and they've done OK but they are going to get painted, largely because I think white will go better with the boat.

KA at the front.. Again
One thing I plan to try is the new MSL13.2. KA sails took the top ten results, no accident. Sheer bloody hard work on Andrew's part who's restlessness is a great accomplice when it comes to making sails faster.

But all that aside, right now I wish I was out in my boat, not racing just sailing..


MalteM said...

Are you planning on painting the foils with something like HullSpeed?

Simon Payne said...

I dunno, should I? I was going to use car primer...

andrew friend said...

what about the bow of your boat?!