Monday, 16 August 2010

Lash for Cash

Christ did it rain, and on a windless mirror like lake we pumped our way around a course that had a confused commentator confusing the sailors. Arnaud won, Mathias Renker was 2nd and Martin Zah an excellent 3rd. Switzerland taking all three top places proving that it really is like this most of the time! I was 4th and have rarely been so wet but a hot shower and a few beers restored the moral. Credit to all the sailors who took their boats to the lake of St Moritz in order to support the event knowing it was going to be a wash out.
Earlier in the day we had a good breeze on the race course and I hit 25 knots in the flat water near the leeward mark. It was good to be finally sailing with the boys, Amac was in JP's boat and we had a good work out. I was fast up wind and gradually got to be fast down wind too although the quality of the 6 tacks required to get to the windward mark will be critical... Anyway today is the practice race. Its going to be tight with 85 boats and more people than normal are talking about this. I hope it doesnt take a major crash for us to make the decision to sail in two flights. I guess we will see.
Today the weather is brighter which should mean more wind. It snowed on the mountains last night and the scenery is beautiful. My Zhik Super Warm wetsuit is doing the business! What a great piece of kit. So glad I brought it!

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Zhik superwarm is awesome...