Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Extreme 11's!!

We had 5 Mach 2's racing with the Extreme 40's last weekend. With a close in zig zag course we provided great entertainment. The crowds were amazing and the commentary fun. There wasn't any room to make big mistakes and we had some great races and got some good practice in for Silvaplana. Launching was a faff but Offshore Challenges were really good and we wanted for nothing really. Once the racing was done it was a mission to get back to base in the turbulent waters off the squadron. We all went for a swim but made it back OK.

My little Abath Mach 2 looked tiny against the BMW Oracle AC boats but attracted more attention!

Thanks to Paul and Andrine for putting us all up! Paul's special "Flame grilled" bacon sandwiches were wonderful on the Sunday morning and also thanks to Mike, Ricky, Jason and Paul for being such good sports and coming over to sail. We did have a lot of fun!

The Wing

I've never believed that winning races is particularly related to how much time you spend on the water, if that rule worked then all taxi drivers would be the best drivers.. I believe that you can achieve a great deal without wearing out the boat and that's by thinking intelligently and focusing on what makes the most difference. It is for this reason that I think Adam's new wing rig is amazing. It just looks so cool and is exactly what the Moth class is all about! I hope he goes twice as fast as us all in Silvaplana and wins by miles! And I want a go!

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