Saturday, 14 August 2010


We had wind for about 45 minutes today. I managed to get on the water and do some meaningful sailing until it rained again and the wind switched off.

Its going to be raining for the next few days apparently and I feel for those who are camping in these dire conditions. Trench foot is a real possibility and the dash for cash tomorrow will I'm afraid be won by a low rider. Still musn't grumble, the boat feel good and the fresh water has made the ratchet work.

This lake is bloody small and 85 boats sailing a clearly favoured right hand side means it will be intense to say the least. Given this I think you could view this event as really a larger than normal slalom race. More a "super G" I guess.

If I do well in the slalom I will buy a coat. and maybe some of those waders you see fishermen wear.

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Foiler Town USA said...

Man I was wondering why there was nothing up on the web site..... Sending positive vibes for sun and breeze! Ive got a whole week to get through without the boat so was counting on some cool action from the Euros via the interweb.