Friday, 12 November 2010

Black Deaths Wing

All has been looted, betrayed, sold; black death's wing flashed ahead....

I saw these poetic words in a book as I came back from the Abarth party in London on Thursday night.

There is a lot of worry about the wing. The ability to wait until we have enough information in order to make a decision seems to be the least popular option as it seems people would rather have "bad certainty" rather than "uncertainty" in order to get it sorted out now.

Anyway at the worlds I thinks its a big risk to use one, but one which may pay off...

I do believe though that in order to have an opinion people need to:-

1. Attend regatta's so they can see the class as it is today. Sorry guys but you cant get an accurate digital impression from your study as you wait patiently for another "innovation" to set. Its very different to how it was even two years ago.

2. People need to understand the class constitution. Rules have been discussed this week but its the constitution that's more important than we all think.

So what is the Moth constitution? Well its a set of laws that people before us have made that define our principles as a class. The class rules sit under them and in effect are limited by them,

The first constitution is:- To encourage the development of the International Moth Class, and the establishment of National Associations in all Countries.

The second one is:- promote and encourage racing of International Moths.

Going forward only the above should be used as the key go/no go check points. Right now you can argue either way although I'm sure it will come to a vote.

And I like votes! And in particular the instruction....."Please put your ex in a box!"


James said...

Nicely said. Interesting that we went through the same discussion in the A-Cats in 07 when Ben Hall turned up with a wing. He ended up the same result that he had in the previous worlds he attended. Wing was super fast at times, and other times, not so fast. Really down to development time and on-the-water time. Wait and see in January.

Anonymous said...

Your ex? you haven't been dumped yet again have you?

Bora Gulari said...

So if we have numerous ex's do we get to vote multiple times ;)

Simon Payne said...

In principle, yes.

Massimo Pini said...

Great to meet you at the Abarth Event Simon. Will be keeping tabs on your progress.

Anonymous said...

What book Simon is that?


Simon Payne said...