Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The News at Ten

Finally back on the water last weekend after recovering from injury. Earlier last week my shoulder was injected with steroids. The pain has now gone thankfully, but not before I all but fainted in Tesco's an hour after the injection as my body went "what's that stuff?" Where to faint was another issue, its not a faint friendly store actually but the clothing aisle at least had carpets.

On any Sunday! Club racing at HISC. All photo's courtesy of Chris Bashall

Anyway great to do a couple of club races last weekend and it was lovely to see so many Moths out. Its a good time of year to sail at HISC actually. The harbour is empty of yachts and feels big again and its still warm enough to have fun. Anyway although rusty it was nice to come away with a couple of bullets, one by the skin of my teeth after great racing with Mike Lennon.

I was using the new KA MSL10 C for the first time. I've always been a fan of the ten and I've used the 10B exclusively this year. This new iteration by Andrew I think takes it to the next level. It has a slightly higher clew which makes manoeuvres easier , zips on the luff for easier cam location and some luff curve and seam improvements. As a result it looks great and goes really well! I noticed that I could get the top to open a bit easier as the breeze built with the second batten down looking sweeter than on the earlier sail.

I was using the Mach 2 medium mast and felt fast upwind on Saturday against the others. Sunday I found I could also sail consistently fast and low downwind.


Foiler Town USA said...

So are we feinting ie dodging something, or fainting ie falling over unconcious.....hahah... those spell checkers will get you every time :) Hope your well on way to recovery though...

Simon Payne said...

Good point. I suppose if I'd feinted to avoid the incident in the first place..
Duly corrected