Friday, 26 November 2010

Waiting for winter

Last weekend before the boat goes to Sydney and its cold here, cold as in stick your tongue to a metal post cold, (don't ask how I found out) as in 1 degrees in the day cold. In these temperatures you have to look at your hand to see if you are holding the mainsheet and at 16 knots upwind thats a wind chill of minus 6.

Still the boys were out yesterday which proves if nothing else that mad dogs and English men don't just go out in the mid day sun. Not me I'm afraid. When you cant even smile because your face is so cold, well imagine not smiling when you are up there on the foils...

But it gave me time to think as I watched. I thought about the new solid Wing and its place in the class. Possibly its not my place to comment either, but from what I've seen for some reason they remind me of a Zepplin, those beautiful airships that graced the skys in the 1920's. They, just like the Wing were graceful and silent up there in the clouds but ungainly, awkward and at the mercy of the weather when on land. This lead me to think that the Wings are somehow mournful, in the same way Eeyore is mournful in Winnie the Pooh. With this thought I warmed to them immensely, for if nothing else they have character, which I like.

Last Saturday was good and I nailed my tacking which was one thing to tick off the list. I'd been meaning to get around to it for a while, as previously I tacked like a lame duck. Not a metaphorical duck either but one that had stepped on a land mine or something. Anyway I'm pleased about that and gym work is going well too. I believe in the gym and good preparation. These events are won well before hand, in the gym or out in the boat or what ever you do, but in any event a long way before we dance under those lights.


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Victoria said...

So the wing reminds you of a grumpy old donkey?
Or that like Eore the Donkey, the wing is surrounded by the blisfully oblivious?