Friday, 19 November 2010

Breaking and entering

I'm just filling in the entry form for the worlds, a job I traditionally hate, largely because you have to part with money.

You can tell a lot from the entry form about the quality of the event actually. I completed one the other day which had the question "In case of emergency who should we call..? The answer of course being a "Doctor" but if they cant even figure that out what chance have they got of getting the windward mark in the right place?

But this one seems a good one although I don't know what "MNA number" means, but given I've got a new credit card its a great way to remember the pin.

The wing debate rages and if we are seemingly and sadly unable to change any rules as the NOR has been issued I see that those winging it are all buggered, which is a shame.

It's due to sail numbers and if we are now calling the first element of the wing the err "mast" then the sail numbers have to go on the sail or the "tiny little bit behind the mast" as it should now be known

Try getting AUS 3876 or whatever on that legally. (You might just squeeze GBR 1 on it though..;-)

Aside from that I cant wait to race. I feel great, am fit, have some pace and I've always said that its the duty of the Champion to defend. I am in debt to Abarth and KA Sail for their continued support.


Anonymous said...

Is that just like every Bladerider was illegal because they had sinage on the front 30% of the boat.

Patrice A. said...

Australia in January, sounds lovely.
To bad I never learned how to sail a moth....

Phil Stevenson said...

Like every laser in existance which does not have its national numbers prefixing the sail number, becaue it does not fit. Or ever boat in the Olympics which does not have sail numbers at all, just county codes?
I suppose they change that rule in the SIs, what a great idea!
But of course those numbers must be red, blue or black, no colour freedom in the moth class anymore.

Bora Gulari said...

Phil, I thought we voted at the egm to let people still choose what color's we can use for sail numbers.

Maybe this is another interpretation I am confused on.

Simon Payne said...

Phil, Bora is right, we rejected this at the Euro's.