Monday, 12 March 2012

Feather Lite

Up she comes, no sudden movements!

Light wind racing at Queen Mary Sailing Club at the weekend on a day that looked as if Spring had also entered for the first Moth GP of the year. I managed both of my goals, one was to win some races and the other was to not get wet. Queen Mary is like a mile wide cereal bowl and launching a Moth is the same as flicking a cornflake from the rim. Still, we had four races in marginal foiling conditions. It was good practice though and a balance between low riding in the right direction or foiling in the wrong one. We've sailed championship races in these conditions before, so it was relevant and it was good for me to be racing people like Jason Belben and Chris Rashley, who was in his new boat.

Coming into the leeward mark in a rare gust

I scored a 2,1,1,1 which I was pleased with. My Mach2 was fast, I had the MSL10C/stiff mast rig and after a bit of tuning after the first race I was up really early and sailing tactically quite well in that stuff.

A few minutes after the start, it was like this a lot!

That night, with the wind all but gone and the forecast even lighter for the next day I went back to the south coast. Others left too but I'm sure they raced yesterday.

I really enjoyed the racing on saturday and these little boats are great. Despite the v light winds I still hit just under 19 knots in my Mach2.



Freddo said...

have you used the small Mainfoil or the bigger one?


Simon Payne said...

Hi I was using the standard Mach2 foil