Friday, 23 March 2012

Sail Positioning

Its beautiful here but the leaves are still. I dont know if we'll get any wind but it will be a good time to re-rope my boat with my lovely new Gottifredi Maffioli rope kit. New colour coded "Olympic 75" 4mm control lines always make the boat look great and the controls work better.

This weekend I will try the new KA MSL16, I have the prototype here, one that Andrew made to see he'd got the shape right rather than one to use. This means there are no batten zippers on this sail which means you have to arrive 4 hours earlier than anyone else to rig it. Still de rein. It looks good on the mast and the new ones will be here soon.

With three sails now in the range we were talking about "positioning" and came to this conclusion:-
MSL13 = The most powerful sail
MSL10 = The most versatile sail
MSL16 = The lowest drag sail.

See? Easy innit?

Garda is on my mind and the French Nationals at Quiberon might be fun and pretty close. Thierry will be there and it would be good to support the French fleet and get some good racing in.

On thursday I went for a walk away from screens, emails and phone calls. It was gorgeous and I took this picture of which I'm quite proud. I may yet have a calling in the Christmas card business.

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