Friday, 1 February 2008

Jet lag

Back in the UK now, at home and mildly jet lagged. On the plane my usual one G&T plus six hours sleep turned into six G&T's and one hours sleep on account of a good discussion I had with a very funny Irishman. He called a spade a spade alright, or more accurately an overbearing Dutchman a twat.

Which reminded me that one thing I noticed in Australia was the very descriptive nature in which everything is named. The hardware store that was called "Hammers and Nails" and the Dress shop that was called err.."Dress shop" and the Off licence called "Bottle shop" Even a friggin' Sparrow is called a "White Browed, Black Winged Wren" or something like that. Anyway literal and fairly easy to understand eh? Leaves you in no doubt what your getting.

So imagine my disappointment when I left this pub without so much as a wink. I may call the trade descriptions people, clearly a breach of the 1968 Act. I certainly didnt tip.

In a desperate bid to stay awake I was thinking about the 08 Worlds at Weymouth. I was thinking who would be the guys to watch.. and frankly gave up, I dont know many of the new guys and my bet is that the usual suspects will be joined by three or four others at the head of the fleet with the second tier swelling massively. I guess we are going to have to watch that bear away at the windward mark eh? Be on your guard boys, with closing speeds of 30 knots we'll be having big collisions soon if we are not all careful and respectful.

There are some things you will still be able to count on though. It'll rain.

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Anonymous said...


We Bazzas do like to adopt the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Makes it easier for all the foreigners.

Have fun back home in the cold!