Sunday, 8 June 2008

Carbon Fibre Express

Well I won.

With a race to spare actually, I scored a 1,1,(2),1,1,2. Didnt really feel like I'd sailed well but I suppose that's good as well as bad. An excellent regatta with lots for me to work on, including remembering how many laps I've done, and given that at Weston I was seven minutes late for the start, I wasn't that much nearer this weekend..

We had 34 boats at the UK National Championships which was great, and all but three were foilers. Results below, I'm off to the local Chinese to get dinner now... More tomorrow.

1st Me
2nd Jason Belben
3rd James Roche
4th Adam May
5th Mike Lennon

Full results here:

Image courtesy of Steve Arkley, Sailshots. More excellent photo's from the Nationals here


Bora Gulari said...

who is pommy bob?

Simon Payne said...

What? is that a history question? Ask me one on sport.

Bora Gulari said...

Sorry some guy that goes on other peoples blogs and trys to mess with me. I would love to introduce myself in weymouth to him

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the UK Nats win Simon. Well done.
Looks like you might just have enough form to match the Aussies at the Worlds! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well done, Glad to see your getting your practice for the parnts and child race this year. Your eldest has high expectations!!

Simon Payne said...

Never heard of him mate

Anonymous said...

Bora, Old boy happy to introduce myself. I will even buy you a drink to console you after scraping into the top ten. Nothing personal Bora but "rubbing's racing son" and its a new game over here, a new level.

See you in the UK Bora.....Pommy Bob Out

Oh and Brits will win the Ashes!

Anonymous said...

Well done Si! I'll call soon.