Monday, 16 June 2008

Gone with the wind

Blimey, its only 3 weeks until the Worlds, and as I'm there training for a week before hand I go at the end of next week! How time flies!

Anyway it will be good to get this event over and done, there are other things in life to get on with.

It was hard to push myself out onto the water yesterday, and as we waited for the wind, I could have watched it blow and still spent forever on the beach.

But when the sea breeze came in it was a great day out in the bay sailing with Tim Boon, Ricky Tagg and Jason Russell. To think that for 2 years I was the only foiler at Hayling Island and now there are eight, plus a couple of low riders. I feel happy about that.

Anyway we sailed upwind for ages, and then enjoyed the roller coaster ride that is the Hayling Bar. If anyone wants to improve down wind, that's the place to train and it's great to see the other guys making such big gains. Typically I make it home first and then think, "shit, are they OK?" and wind up sailing back out to make sure no one is in trouble, so I get to do it twice!

These next couple of weeks are about making sure the boat is OK, a typical weakness for me as I'm not very good with ropes and dont enjoy boat work. Everything is now measured, but the foils are dinged and bashed a bit with all the stuff I've hit in the water since January and they need some attention.

I'm not going to Keil Week, I've done that event too many times and I find it hard to leave Hayling Island these days, I only have to do it once more now anyway.


Boona said...

What an awesome sail that was! Hayling bar was good fun to!

Scott said...

"I only have to do it once more now anyway"

Sounds a bit sombre. Are you planning on exiting the mothosphere after the Worlds?

Anonymous said...


this sounds like Master Frodo carrying The Ring to Mount Doom...


Anonymous said...

Will this be it? Just one more race? Sounds sombre... Come on! It's fun, so enjoy, enjoy!!!!


Anonymous said...

You cant give up Simon, you are your Nation's hero!

Anonymous said...

I feel like topping myself after reading that blog! Cheer up for heavens sake. If its that bad stop sailing now or take the advice of dutchgirl!

You are probably just tired from trying to do too much. You are no spring chicken anymore.

Fred said...

...and all the girls in Kiel... They are waiting for you. We are all on the beach in Strande, so c´mon.

Of course, I can understand if you are not coming. It is a long haul and a tiring regatta. Hope that there are not too many "not show"