Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Time at the bar

Nab tower, which I didnt get to... this time

I was going to sail to the Nab Tower today, its 6 miles directly south...Why? Because I find it easy just to sail about and not really achieve much, so I've decided I need a purpose each day. Today was supposed to be offshore day and I even had my camera to take some pictures. I like the Nab. I've been around it twice before in a Moth and it's size scares me. But the sea breeze blew at 20 odd knots and it was wind against tide and white water foamed over Hayling bar.

I made it over... but going upwind in breaking waves was hard work. And like a kid who'd escaped via the bedroom window, I felt elated.. but very quickly vulnerable. The boat was getting slammed about and despite having my mobile phone on board no one was coming to get me.

So after a couple of miles, I turned around..

And what a ride coming home! Just me, an angry sea and liquid cliffs to jump off. I made every one but Bloody Hell it was scary. I havent known it like that for a long time.

I was on such a hi when I got back to the beach I even scrawled something in the marble smooth wet sand, painted spice by the ebbing tide.

Anyway tomorrow is "Boatwork day" Oh good...

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Doug Culnane said...

I wondered what that tower was and I found out here:

Cool thing to go and visit.