Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Stay tuned

Yesterday was gorgeous and despite a mandate to practice tacking, I spied the Nab tower again as I launched, and so with it pretty much on the port lay line I passed the life boat station hoping I wouldn't need it. About a mile from the Nab I was amazed by the top heavy ships in the deep water channel and turned right to take a closer look.

And then, mindful that I wasn't supposed to be out joyriding, and in the absence of anything else to tune with I lined up against the Portsmouth to St Malo (France) ferry and had a really good race! Ferry's are pretty good to tune with because they always go a constant speed, which is similar to mine, and they have graduation marks, or port holes down the side so it's easy to calibrate any adjustment.

The down side is they dont stop to let you take a drink..

When I tacked away I could see the Nab under the boom, and it was about 45 minutes of scary fast danger sailing before I was home.

That was my last training session at Hayling Island before the worlds, I'll try to keep this blog up to date if I'm able. I've enjoyed writing it actually.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Worlds. I'm hoping to sail our 'water pusher' out to watch some of the action.

I noticed last night that lots of Moth sized crates have arrived at WPNSA!

Anonymous said...

I'll stay tuned, and Simon: GO FOR IT!


Anonymous said...

The boys and I are wishing you the very best for the worlds.We know you can do it.

And for all the people that read the blog. Watch out he will be hard to catch!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I forgot to say; stay away from men holding out coke cans, no matter how thirsty you are!!

Andrew said...

Thanks for writing yout blog, I've enjoyed reading it. Hope you continue to post and break a leg [or the Moth equivalent] at the Worlds.