Tuesday, 22 July 2008

American Beauty

I keep learning. This week I've learned that you shouldn't cycle in flip flops and go to the loo when you've just cut chilli's. I've learned that our new prime minister is no leader and I've learned that importantly also, he's a twat.

But most of all I've learned never to say I will not sail again. Because I will.

After the worst worlds result I've ever had, after arguably the most effort, I was all set to pack up and head for the hills. Literally.

Ok the weather was a bit challenging in Weymouth, at our club you dont go out in that, because with three knots tides, you get mullered... But my speed! An asthematic ant with some rather heavy shopping would have gone into the wind quicker...

The only good bit about the worlds was all the nice people I met.

Anyway, I learned alot from Amac. We spent some time together after the event and I listened, which when you've won 1 worlds, 3 europeans and a couple of nationals in four years can be tougher than you think..Why? Because you arrogantly think you know it all and you dont.

So I'm pleased to say that with radically different boat settings I was delighted with my speed at err.. Mengham Regatta at the weekend. The boat really did feel great, and whilst drinking tea and eating cake after the race an elderly lady came up to me and politely asked what handicap I thought they should apply to my race time.. I winked and said "600 should do it", and promptly came .. third.

But I'm back at the gym and although I've replaced the rowing machine with pizza eating, cos I'm still 64 kgs, I'm in training again. That's because I'm going to sail in the American National Championships at The Gorge in Oregon this August!

Tom Driscoll has kindly lent me his new Prowler and I cant wait to meet all the American moth sailors, and see what this fabled and beautiful place is really like!


Cookie said...

Pizza is the way forward - I thoroughly recommend it.

Anja said...

Don't be sad, Simon.
If the wind had been as light as the week before, you would have won this.
I just published a video on YouTube, that shows this quite clearly. (Title: "Simon Payne at Weymouth", Account: Mottenfieber)
How do you like it?

Simon Payne said...

Thanks Anja!
Great movies! Thanks for your support. Guess I'll have to try again eh?

Anja said...

I'm glad you liked them.
Great movies of a great mothsailor!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you standing there on foils.
And I like the scenes when you are on foils and John Harris is still lowriding around. Veerry niicce.
If you'd like to put it on your blog (in better quality and perhaps with your favorite music) I can transfer you the data.

Yes, I think you have to try again.
That would be some waste of talent if you wouldn't.
Somehow I think we'll see you sailing until you're as old as Colin Newman - or even older.

phil said...

That's the spirit! Good British fighting spirit. Let's face it we need inspiration.

Talking of which, I'm glad that I have helped you see the light (I'm a measley 81 kilos) :-) If you need more advice on putting on weight, speak to me. Perhaps I could be your coach?

Hopefully see you at an event soon!

Phil from Mothflyers