Friday, 11 July 2008

Over and out

Congratulations to John Harris from Australia, the new 2008 International Moth World Champion. John made the most of both days of racing keeping his nerve to hold off the other 99 boats. He's a great guy and we have a worthy and popular champion!

Congratulations to Arnoud Psarofaghis from Switzerland who is the new European Champion, I'll have to find something else to put in that corner of the room now...

I finished 8th, never really got to grips with the conditions, but although I'm dissapointed, I met some excellent people.

So there you go, a journey over, a new one to begin.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you had better warn John Harris that your son once peed in the world championship trophy before he starts drinking Champagne out of it!!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to talk to you on the phone yesterday! I would like to email you, to 'introduce' myself properly...
P.S. As Andrew probably told you, I am good in babbling!