Thursday, 3 July 2008

Second Mouse

Am back home, a nice retreat after a few tough days. First and foremost to see my son's school play, which I made by the skin of my teeth, and also a welcome break and retreat from the Mothosphere that is Portland.

We've had breeze this training week and we are going to get more, perhaps too much to race...But these last few days the big guys have been showing their metal, and frankly its impressive.

But that was yesterday, the regatta hasn't even started yet, and when its medium I hold my own and when its light I am ballistic. Anyway I can't change my weight, I can only be the best version of myself and that's what I aim to be.

Maybe the wind will go down and the second mouse will get the cheese...Forecast have been wrong before..


Anonymous said...

don't like the look of the forecast for you and your 'mothies' Simon , hope it improves soon.

Fingers crossed , Steve

Anonymous said...

You should be back at Weymouth big boy.
It great fun for the old girls like me.
All these Moth WC virgins with their new Bladeriders banging away with their big rubber coated tools makes it all feeel a bit like an orgy.