Saturday, 19 July 2008


Anyone seen this on Sailing Anarchy? Should be a light wind event then..Incidently they managed to upset our volunteer press officer at our two day worlds which I think was poor form... She was just trying to keep the planet informed. We would have mentioned the US competitors anyhow boys, even if, like me, they didnt quite do as well as forecast. Manners maketh man no?

Talking of forecasts...

"The heavy air excitement continued on Day Two of the 2008 505 North American Championship held at Cascade Locks, Oregon. Being sailed in the Columbia River Gorge, this year's competition is being held as part of the Gorge Games. 33 boats have entered, and more than a few have suffered some wounding in the extreme conditions of The Gorge.

On Friday, the Columbia Gorge Racing Association veteran race committee fired the starting gun on three races held in breezes ranging from the low teens to mid-twenties and the usual Gorge two-foot chop. Racing began early in the morning as the RC aimed to pull off more starts before the breeze kicked up to nuclear. Courses were windward / leewards twice around and lasted roughly forty minutes apiece. Competitors were sent ashore following the third race at 1300 to wait for more manageable winds. However the thermal continued to develop and the RC had flags “N” over “A” flying by 1400. Racing was abandoned for the day.

The damage report for the day was a much shorter list than Thursday's: 1 broken mast, 1 damaged deck, and 1 torn mainsail. Following racing, a raffle was held with gear donated from the regatta sponsoring companies, Zhik, West Marine, Fisheries Supply, and Kam Gear"

Should eat lost of burgers lads... Oh you do.


Karl said...

Lost of Burghers? Isn't that some sort of sculpture by Rodin?

I don't know who posted that thing on SA; the whole website is sort of an advertisement for organized government in my view. But it's the best we can do apparently. I mean, if you had to choose btw SA and ISAF, which would it be? Tell the truth now.

Whoever wrote that post about Alex has almost certainly never sailed a Moth, or even seen one.

Similar criticisms were leveled at Phil during Australian nationals last year; though tactless, this sort of criticism reflects a genuine hunger for information about the class that can only be a good thing.

scott said...

So by that rationale we should have 5 days of postponement due to no wind, then 2 days of racing in 3-5 knots.

Maybe I should stop eating again?

Chris said...

perhaps i should hold off on the heavy air sail order??? And eat some burgers.

Anonymous said...

What post about Alex?