Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dont stop 'til you get enough..

Lay day today and yes I sailed. I wanted to test out some more mast rake, my Swiss made ride height control system and toe straps that I'd moved further outboard.

It all worked OK. The boat felt better balanced upwind and I was still OK down (I think.. ) I was sailing (briefly) with Nathan and Kevin Hall but everyone was trying new things and there was no datum, in fact we could all have been going slower..

But I didnt have to capsize to adjust my foiling height, and the changes to the toe straps made my 65kg's feel more effective. It hurts more than before but unless I can rev it up a bit upwind the alternative will hurt worse..

But one of the reasons I sailed was because I wanted to. The rain had stopped. A few boats were out, there was nothing else to do and what better way to enjoy the afternoon thatn belting around at 20 knots with your mates.

Anyway.. it all starts again tomorrow.

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phillippe oligario said...

Hey Simon, Glad to see it's all going well. Still, there is no substitute for a well insulated belly. Start packing in them burgers!