Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Burger Boy

My boat still isn't here and it's hard to sit on the shore watching people sail. I've got that same feeling that I get in queues, listening to slow talkers and watching people eat. Its a feeling of helplessness mixed with irritation not assisted by being in the "great outdoors" where people who tuck their shirts in, and open doors on railway trucks make me nervous. People are friendly, yet the town is small and basic, and I've noticed several things. No one wears make up, even the roughest and toughest have manners and say "Hi" (unlike the UK) and clothing seems to be purchased purely for its function. This last point in particular makes every day feels like "casual friday", and time just drifts... Without a boat.

People still believe the weather forecast though which is charming.

But theres not much to do.. and even the Bridge of the Gods, is too freekin low to commit suicide from,

Miles to go to the Worlds and yes it was nice to watch the guys sail yesterday in the big breeze. Bora was fastest apparently in "clunk, click smile on impact" type conditions but all the Mach 2 sailors were going quick. I detect a certain tension in the dinghy park as all the big players seek to get one over on the other guys.

This will be a good Worlds with the added benefit of the Velocitek Speed Challenge and the slalom racing to make it more fun. Its been windy so far but really we need, and are likley to get, a mixed set of conditions. That would suit me best I think.

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