Saturday, 15 August 2009


Leading Dalton and Bora photo ThMartinez/Sea&Co

Sorry for the false alarm, (and thanks for the nice comments) but I managed to race today and it went OK. A cartilage torn in two and some mild ligament strain was the damage report from yesterday. The knee brace helped although I had a sleepless night, mainly texting back home. Knowing that I wasn't going to cripple myself and it was just going to be weak/hurt made the decision easy. Also I still remember those words from Roger Angell all those years ago..

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight..."

So the first race went ok, I finished 7th, not a bad result in this company, but not great either. I had good speed and got out the line OK. Bora won it and the gap between him and Nathan got smaller.

The next race I felt good and got out the start well. I went round the top mark fourth and pulled up to second on the next beat.

All the time I was smiling, and on each tack err.. wincing. The tacks were bad actually.

On the final run I wanted to sail in the flat water, just to make it home. I went right, Arnaud left, and I snuck it on the line. Funny that I'd be winning another race after yesterday.

I can recommend the pain killers.

In the final race I did the gybe of doom after working hard to pass Rohan down wind. I just fucked up the gybe, that's all. But unforgivable on my part. In this race Charlie McKee broke his hand in a pitchpole and was off to Hood River Hospital. He still completed the last race though..Get well soon Charlie!

After a nice evening with the Camp Epoxy boys and Meridith and Alan Block, its now time for bed...

Tomorrow will see a new World Champion.



Graham Simmonds said...

Everyone at HISC is proud of you! - a one legged win no less! Continue to teach Rohan some humility. Cant believe I want an American to win but I hope Bora does it. Take care of yourself Graham S.

Anonymous said...

Great you managed to sail and even win a race!!

Phil Stevenson said...

Simon, on the weekend of the 40th Woodstock aniversary, its good to see that one old enough to remember it also knows the benefit of good pharmacology.
Well done old fella.

Anonymous said...

Aah such a shame you didnt win. Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

Your leg had got man flu then!

Alison said...

Now THAT is a great comeback! I'm glad you were able to complete Worlds and end on such a good note. Congrats!

Anonymous said...


You were an inspiration for the entire field. As a spectator in the bleachers every day this week I can tell you that everyone worried about you and marveled at your resolve.

We appreciate everyone who made the trip to participate or watch the action!

Godspeed at a full recovery.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant news
Keep pushing for those of us who can't. Inspirational stuff RodB

Anonymous said...

shake it all about

Anonymous said...

Another true story!

Simon Payne said...

Fuck off. Wanker