Thursday, 20 March 2008


Too windy to sail a foiler Moth again today, it's OK for some of the everyday boats, but not a Moth. Yet I keep checking the forecast hoping we'll get a window to sail, which is silly, because my fence has just blown down.

And so like some sulking supermodel my boat sits there under the covers, beautiful, compelling, engaging and yet in some conditons, howl at the moon crazy.

Pretty similar to most of the women I've been out with actually, yet here I've now decided to be at the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm looking for a plain girl who can sew, make soup, and has big tits.

But there is one piece of exotica I can't wait to lay my hands on! My new 40mm dia high modulus mast from CST in Sydney. The windage gains should be large and the stiffness is the same, so I should go faster and that's good. I'll be collecting it from Carbonology in Woodbridge, Suffolk next week.

Scott won the first race of the NSW states in his new Fastacraft Prowler Zero, which is a great start... but they wont let him win overall, because he's part Italian ;-)

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