Monday, 10 March 2008

Perfect Storm

Err.. That was a road..

Big southerly winds(80 knots) on the south coast plus spring tides and low pressure had me thinking it was probably a good job I sold that little house by the sea, fun though it was for while. Also I'm glad I brought the boat home last night, God knows what state the sailing club is in..

There's good news though, and its that I cant get to the gym, which is cut off. But there's bad news too. I saw them bailing out the pub this afternoon.

Anyway back to sailing and my MSL9 has been forced out of retirement, and as promised and despite no rule which forbids me to use it, I've had it cut down.

Yeah I know, I'm a saint.

A product of a different and now obsolete measuring system (err why did we change it again?) means one of the sexiest KA's is just a little too large.. But not anymore, and I'll be able to get under the boom now. I hope the rest of you follow my example.

Mind you it seems that for the foreseable future I'll finally be finding out how fast the 10B is in the winds it was designed for!

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Anonymous said...

no disrespect but I think you have over dramatised the storm. The picture of the road always floods like that on high waters and the sailing club is fine...just a few boats which were not tied down properly on their side. The pub that was bailed always needs bailing on high water. The whole thing was a bit of a damp squib.