Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Ultimate Handicap

Despite a windy weekend I managed to get out twice, firstly on Sunday for a small practice but yesterday was much better. We had the RNLI pursuit race at Hayling Island and despite the three degree forecast we had 41 entries and three Moths, Tim Boon (Prowler), Mike Lennon (Blade Rider) and me. We started 5 minutes after the 14s, and as the breeze built to around 17 knots and just before the start I quickly dived back to the beach to reset the main foil angle, and with my recut and now the right size MSL9 the boat felt awesome. And so it proved. In the building breeze we were always going to do well, but I didnt expect to lap the International 14s.


The other two guys lapped them also. And the 14 sailors were some of the best in the world..

We were sailing off 677 which I think is "A" class cat speed yet 40 minutes into a 70 minute race I hit the lead... Admittedly the slow boats started in less wind but we worked out after that I'd have won it sailing off 400 (and that's fast) Anyway we took the top three places. I think we've burned our bridges (and everyone else's) for the Glynn Charles race coming up.

So as I left the club all the talk was about how you handicap a Moth? Anyone any ideas? We'll either win by miles or not be in the top 30. I dont really care too much actually, handicap racing is just fun, I just like proving how fast they go! And they are getting quicker and quicker every year, and other boats aren't. That's obvious.

Congratulations to Scott for winning the NSW states. It sounded an intense regatta with Garda esque waves and then no wind, and after the windy races success seemed to be down to who could disconnect their cable in the light to low ride well and then reconnect it in the gusts to foil ....Try finding a way to simulate that physical discipline in the gym!

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