Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wind burn

Last week a woman on the radio told me that my skin may be exhibiting one of the five signs of ageing. This made me look in the mirror, and she was right.

Unfortunately she didnt mention my specific cause as I suppose the mass market dont regularly get mullered by 30 knot winds, which is what happened on Sunday.

Anyway I've done something about it, and now before the boat cover goes on I've already applied my new male moisturising chemical, which is supposed to reduce under eye swelling and improve my skins active defense system.

Perhaps I was expecting too much as the under eye swelling didnt go down, but admittedly that was a bruise, caused by the wing bar. Actually its impossible to tell if it makes any difference at all, because it makes you blind. It has alcohol and caffeine in it so I thought we'd be compatible, but not so. I may try another brand.

It started off quite OK as Mike Lennon and I launched into a cold northerly with the rest of the fast handicap fleet, and as I was waiting for the start, I even enjoyed the hilarious sight of Tim Boon trying to get his rig up on the beach (I've seen worse pole dancing at Spearmint Rhino) Anyway the breeze built and built, and at low tide, with Optimist, Cadet and 29er training going on, the harbour seemed a very small place.

**Note to Coaches** Before you blow your whistle and shout "Follow my leader" to fifty Optimists, who instantly drop into a 100 metre snake, look over your shoulder and check that a foiling moth isn't doing 25 knots towards you. I only got through because one of your kids dropped his tiller. Anyway I won by 15 minutes on the water, sailing off 677. A Musto Skiff was 5 minutes behind on corrected.

The Australian NSW state titles are on this weekend. I wish I was there, but the Australians have some peculiar rule that unless you can prove you are directly related to Ned Kelly, you cant compete.

So who will win? Scott Babbage in his new Prowler Zero must be favorite, second in the worlds and not as yet any wrinkles. Unlike Andrew McDougall who has loads, but quite possibly could win also. John Harris in his new BR will also be up there, also Luka Damic and Matt Belcher, who must be a top tip for the light stuff.

Cant wait to see the results!


Scott said...

I wouldn't be betting the house on me just yet.

Anonymous said...

Mate we'd love to have you and a few poms come and compete at our state champs. You just aren't elligible for the trophy, just like us Aussies cannot be European champ. Similarly, AMac and Matt B cannot take the title as they are from Victoria and Queensland respectively.

Keep up the blog. Very entertaining.


Anonymous said...

me too...
wishing I was there
says a foolish dutch girl

Boona said...

I didnt think that anyone else had noticed that! I always struggle with it...