Thursday, 17 April 2008

Black Gold

I dont understand a lot of stuff. I'm still in awe of photocopiers and if someone told me that if I put freeze dried rice in the micro wave, I'd go back in time... I'd probably believe them.

But I do understand that windage is important, and that's why I cant wait to try my new mast from CST. It's beautiful, and at just 40mm dia should cut the drag down by quite a bit. Because its made from hi modulus carbon its also the same weight as my current mast... which is good.

It also has strong practical benefits, its so small you can actually get your hands around it to put the rig up in a breeze!


nige said...

sounds like you have very small hands?

I can understand this for bolt rope sails but for a camber induced sail does the smaller diameter really give you any benefit? I would have thought the larger diameter allows to have a more wing shaped entry. There are some people over this side of the pond experimenting with deeper pockets (probably in more ways that one) and I would imagine the larger diameter mast would help give that better shape?

I guess when you are after the flat sail its more beneficial?

Bear in mind, I do not know what I am talking about when it comes to this stuff....

Anonymous said...

Should make up for that massive boat you're dragging around the course!

Simon Payne said...

Stick your hand out of the car window, palm to the wind, then turn it through ninety degrees. Feel the difference. Stick a tree in front of a sail and its fair to assume it will have a negative effect. Jibs work ok.

Oh yeah a Zero is huge. And at 8.5kg its really realy heavy too..

nige said...

yes, thanks for the hand analogy. I agree with the tree one, hence my comment on bolt rope sails, I would still be curious as to the drag difference. I am thinking cat wing rig or wing similarities as opposed to flat hands or trees!

Simon Payne said...

I'm sure there are programmes that would work this out, I'm not your man though for that I'm afraid. Wing rigs are probably the next big development. Let me know if you find a away to calculate the advantage.

I think sleeve luff sails work because the shape comes from the luff curve, no other reason.. One for a Sailing Anarchy forum (if you've got the time)

Grant said...

A few guys are using them here in Sydney and are extreemly happy with the result. I'm just waiting for a few promised payments to come so I can buy one.