Friday, 25 April 2008

Uninsured loss

I lost something the other day, it was very special and I really loved it. I quietly carried it everywhere with me and I will never get it back now. That's why there's been no blog recently. I've been worrying about it. Actually I may have lost it last year, and was too stupid to notice.

We have the Glyn Charles race this weekend. I start ten minutes after the 49ers. People are moaning about the seemingly harsh handicap but I think its OK. Handicap racing is fun and so let's not be too serious about it. I'll just be glad to be on the water, albeit a bit later than usual.

Thats good because it gives me a bit more time to keep looking.


Anonymous said...

I know you had the wallet taken in Itally, was it your picture of the boys? Shall I see if I can find a negative? We didn't have a didital camera then.

Doug Culnane said...

Did you lose your Virginity?

Good luck and the Glyn Charles race.