Monday, 14 April 2008

Lake Como

I'm at Lake Como in Italy coaching the Swiss moth sailors. We have ten boats,and amongst them 3 Bladeriders, a Prowler, and Martin Zah's beautiful new foiler. It's every bit as good as a professional boat and seems to go like hell. Anyway its raining today so Coach took the 9 men and one woman running to kick the day off. Right now its boat work until the wind comes... We had three practice races yesterday, great to see everyone foiling around so well although there were some tired people in the restaurant last night.. I'll post some pictures soon.


Umberto said...

Hi Simon,
we are some italian guys,
where in Como Lake are you ?

Simon Payne said...

Hi Umberto
We are at Sole Mio, Gera Lario, North end of como