Thursday, 10 April 2008

Harbour Masters

Yesterday I hit the water around three. Shortly afterwards I was joined by Mike Lennon and Paul Brotherton. It's funny how you just fall into a routine and no one has to say anything. You go to the bottom, beat up, tack after tack, and then down again. And then again. I'm very lucky to have such good sailors to sail against this year and although Paul has Olympic coaching commitments you should add Mike Lennon to the voting of who might be in the top 5.

Anyway its great to read all the predictions, F**ked if I know what will happen but I'd add a few in and take one or two off the current list, but it's all just theory. I'm just looking forward to my cottage by the light house and I may take some oils and paint. From a social perspective my Worlds house mate Mark Robinson is rumoured to be considering a small soirée at our place week before the worlds. That right Mark?

Today my boys helped me to rig the boat. I wasn't really happy with yesterdays settings. Anyway I'm buggered if I'm buying a rig tension gauge for 60 quid, so we improvised. The weight of one small child hanging off the forestay is the setting I'm on if anyone is interested.

My new CST mast should be at Carbonology by now. I'm hoping to collect it at a convenient time.. Its been ages in transit, and God knows where it is, but you shouldn't worry about things you cant control, I've learnt that.

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